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The Walk…

Every morning while walking his dog Scott, owner of EYB, sees his neighbor walking “up-town” to his office. A few months ago, the two of them started to make small “neighborly chit chat”. Greg Wagner, who is the Vice President of US Sales for Web Age Solutions, mentions that his company is going to be attending a large trade show in Las Vegas. He asks if EYB would be able to find products to pass out. “The goal of these promotional products would be to help us stand out and gain name recognition at the show where there were over 60,000 attendees,” said Wagner

Scott takes Greg’s opportunity back to his team and then the brainstorming began. The team started suggesting all kinds of promo items the Web Age Solutions could use, none of them really seemed to achieve what Greg was looking to accomplish. The two items that Greg finally decided on were custom scratch off tickets and cell phone wallets.

“It was an incredibly successful marketing approach to be being able to go back and email those winners”

Greg Wagner - Vice President US Sales and Operations, www.webagesolutions.com

Customer Engagement and Tractability

There were a few things that made these scratch off tickets unique: Number 1 every ticket was a winner. Number 2 in order to see what prize you won you had to go onto the Web Age Solutions website, enter in the scratched off code, put in your contact info, and then the prize would be sent to you. With their two products in hand, Greg and his team were now ready to take on this trade show. When they arrived at the show they found out that there were 8-10 other companies in the same area of the show that offered very similar services. The Web Age team was outgoing when they stood outside of their booth handing out the scratch-off tickets. Making sure to tell everyone, “they are all winners, just go to our website to find out what you won”. Greg and the other managers watched the reaction of the people getting the cards. What they saw shocked and surprised them. “As attendees were waiting in line for the next booth and while they were waiting, they were scratching off our cards and seeing what they had won”. We had the responses set up to be emailed to us so it was like winning at the slots every time we would get a new response our phones would ding, which was perfect since we were in Vegas.” said Greg.

Results = Lead Generation

Usually, once a trade show has ended most people believe that is where the lead generation stops but not with this campaign. Greg continued to get prize redemptions for the next 30-45 days. When the EYB team last checked in with Greg he received close to 650 winners, which is a 42% rate of return on this marketing campaign.

Large companies, small and medium-sized businesses as well as non-profit organizations can now use the technology that was created along with the scratch-off tickets to increase their own business and databases. They would just have to figure out what prizes they want to use as a giveaways and EYB will take care of the rest.