John and Peter’s Place is a Bar & Music venue since 1972 featuring nightly entertainment as well as American pub grub and draft beer.

Even a classic car looks better with a fresh coat of paint…

What do Home Depot, Starbucks, Apple, and John and Peter’s Place have in common? Give up? They were all founded in the 1970s, while staying true to their core values each company has had to rebrand themselves throughout the years in order to survive. 40 years after opening their now-iconic location about an hour north of Philadelphia the original “John and Peter” sold their business. They passed the torch onto 3 loyal employees Mike, Kevin, and Chris. These new owners promised to keep the traditions of daily live music, great drinks, and a fun atmosphere but they had visions of expanding this brand they were so passionate about.

John & Peters Place - EYB Promotional Products

“It is that hands on, family feeling that we get from working with EYB”

You can’t feel and touch from a catalog…

Upon taking ownership Mike, Kevin and Chris decided to invest back into the business. They added on a new roof on the outside dining area, brought in a new Point of Sale System, and kicked the marketing and branding into high gear. Prior to working with EYB, the new owners wanted to get some logoed items in their hands ASAP, so they reached out to a large distributor who quickly put together a few items for them. Shortly after this time, Mike connected with the owner of EYB. The personalities of the two owners immediately clicked. Maybe it was the fact that the owner of EYB grew up working in his family’s restaurant, maybe it was the fact that he had done marketing for restaurants almost 20 years or maybe it was the fact that he offered to bring samples of items for Mike and the other owners to see and feel before making a decision on their next item. According to Mike, “the fact that Scott is very hands-on and face to face is wonderful and makes it easier for us to choose the right products for us”.

The Bathrobes

For 45 years John and Peter’s had given employees and very loyal customers holiday gifts. What do you get someone that will make them the envy of their friends and neighbors? After several weeks of searching, the choice was clear. Comfy, blue bathrobes with the John and Peter’s logo embroidered on the left chest. According to Mike, these bathrobes were so coveted that the local community wanted to buy them. He believes certain things can’t be bought and should be earned.