Coastal Restaurants and Bars (CRAB) is an award-winning, Hilton Head Island, group of 10 restaurants with 8 unique brands straddling a broad spectrum from Great Seafood to Mexican Street Food.

 It all started at dinner, while on vacation….

While on vacation on Hilton Head Island, the owner of EYB was having dinner at one of the FishCamp locations. He noticed that they had a small area where a variety of different branded items were on sale. He asked to speak to the General Manager. During this quick discussion, it was discovered that one of their previous vendors we unable to source a specific product for them.

The following week, the Director of Marketing, Gabrielle Muething, reached out to EYB and mentioned that CRAB had become very frustrated with their current vendor and asked if they could source this specific product. EYB was not only able to source the items they were looking for but suggested other similar products that fit their needs even better.

After a successful first order, the EYB team and the CRAB team conducted a web conference call so both parties could meet each other. Several spec and random samples were sent prior to this meeting. The EYB team shared several unique and creative items that got more ideas starting to flow from both sides.

“If I said, I want the moon on a silver platter, Scott would say OK, what do you want engraved on it?”

Gabrielle M - Director of Marketing - CRAB,

Offering solutions to solve branding challenges…

Prior to working with EYB, “our marketing department had done all kinds of promotional products, nothing was cohesive, and we certainly didn’t know we were getting a good deal” says Muething. The process was very time consuming since with each vendor they had to search for their own products and explain to various sales reps about their company and their marketing goals. During the web meeting, it was brought up that EYB could be their one-stop-shop for any item with their logo(s) on it. The management team thought that it would be a great idea and said that they would slowly start to move in that direction if the relationship continued to grow. “One of the things that I love about working with Scott and EYB is that when I come up with an idea, I mention it to Scott, he immediately has 4 or 5 other ideas to complement it, which I love,” says Muething.

The tumbler incident…

In just the first few months of working together, CRAB placed 5 different orders for tumblers. Muething said “One of those orders had a really irritating problem, it was very frustrating for all of us It wasn’t our fault, or EYB’s fault, it was the fault of the supplier. Well, Scott hunted it down, got everything fixed for us, and gave us a wonderful discount for us having to go through that inconvenience. That just made the bond better between us. You don’t find that with most companies, nowadays”.

Part of the family…

“I feel like we have a partnership, because the EYB team takes care of everything, they get us quotes, send us items even for ideas we haven’t even thought of yet. As if they were a part of our marketing team, that is important to us”